Revell - Romulan Stormbird



The model has window hole pre-cut, but has missed a few probably because of complications for the mould on this curved area.

I used a template to make sure I got the holes positioned correctly.

Same with the other side, and cleaned them up with the blade. Those 2 lower windows should be rectangular, but on this kind of curve, it would be very hard to achieve successfully.

They line up nicely on both sides.

Seam filling on some of the impulse engine parts. I was surprised how bad these seams are. Ah well more practice!

And all that lovely etched detail Revell put on the model? All filled in.

The details are great, but very 'Klingon-ie'. I think the Romulans would have preferred a nice smooth hull. I did leave some of the pattern though.

The warp nacelle inards. Sprayed with gloss black paint for light blocking and I've added some aluminium tape around the holes to help spread the light.

I started using CA glue to attach the clear parts. You can see where it was running too much and almost fogged the entire thing! I stopped using it and switched to epoxy resin. Also used epoxy resing to glue on the LEDs.

Using blue/green LEDs. Not going for anything dazzling here. I figure the Romulans wouldn't like having their engines too bright. The on screen model looks like it has very subtle glow coming from the engines.

Put some Aclad chrome inside the torpedo tube.

I'm using a green LED. It's coloured so even when switched off, it reflects green on the inside of the tube.

Switch it on...

I'm trying not to use too many LEDs inside the command section, so I'll be using white gloss paint, foil tape and.....


Here are the insides of the bulbs and neck. Since taking this photo, I've added more foil tape.

The bridge section has been painted with Alclad white aluminium. It has a small mirror inside to reflect light from the command section out the windows. No masking necessary on these windows, just placed them inside after painting.

I'm going to change plans half way through the build! I'm going to replace all the grills on the ship with my own. This will allow me to safely paint these grills with the Alclad.

Cut these greebles off and scratched my own. I think I was able to get sharper detail. So, I'll fill all those grills later.

Cut off the grills from behind the command section, and scratched my own.

Made a little cloaking device with some 1/72 scale Spitfire photo etch!

Practising the hull primary colour and feasibility study for panel detailing.

Nah, I don't think I'm gonna go with it. I didn't expect it to work or anything, but just something I wanted to try.

Replacing the grills on the engineering section. This way I can simply glue them on after painting them with alclad.

Now, the clear parts were very poor fitting. I broke this piece trying to bend it to conform. I'll use some clear plastic sheet instead.

The clear plastic sheet is an absolute mess! I'll have to think of some way to fix....

.... or hide this.....

The Romulans have decided to increase their stealth cabability by covering the impulse engines. Crafty buggers.

Here's the top one. Not too bad. Passable, but the bottom will be harder to scratch.

Oh dear. I'll have to think of something else.

Here are the impulse engine LEDs. 5mm orange with 3mm reds either side.

Here's how they look.

Hang on a minute! I'm doing this all wrong. That top clear part is supposed to be the shuttle bay doors!!!! And that's the one that looked OK!!!

Right, here are some shuttle bay doors!

Here's the fit.

If you've seen my Vor'cha build, you'll know what this means.

And no, it doesn't mean I have exquisite taste.

Tough to get this alclad chrome right. My compressor has no pressure guage, so I'm guessing. This is the result of too much psi.

Adding brass strips to the warp pylons. This is pretty solid now.

Here's the light test. The warp lights are subtle, but this is what I was going for (Romulans don't like to draw attention to themselves. Notice also, I'm building the command section separate that's why it's missing at this time (it's getting paint!!!!).

And this is how the chrome should look. I had to put my compressor to its lowest setting and hardly pulled back on the trigger.

Here is my solution to the impulse engine. I tried a couple of things, vertical grills, lattice, but none of them felt 'sophisticated' enough for the Romulans.

In the end I came up with this. I took some evergreen v-groove and cut out 3 horizontal stripes along the grooves. This helped keep them nice and straight. I then painted it with alclad white aluminium and super glued a piece of clear plastic cut in the shape of the impulse engine to the back. That way it locates its position fairly centred.

Here's my first try at pre-shading. I'll practice this first with the command section. I've also tried to create a panel texture using some 6mm tamiya tape. Not sure how this is gonna go, but it's worth a try. If it doesn't work, I can always resort to a uniform base colour.

After a light coat of grey with a hint of Tamiya light blue (which is more green). I made a couple of 'L' shaped templates in some masking tape and added some new whiter panels.

I'll do some more blending in and maybe another couple of lighter panels later.

Here's the bubble shape that goes on top of the command deck.

Stage 1...

...and stage 2. I might add some more to this, but not much. It doesn't come through well in the photo, I had to darken the image slightly, there's more contrast in person.

Re painted this part a bit lighter.

I've found some gorgeous graphics for the hull markings online. They were created by Thomas Marrone for a game modification for Homeworld 2 many years ago.

Thomas now works as an artist for Cryptic Studios developing the Star Trek Online video game.

He very kindly gave me permission to use his textures for my project. Awesome!

I'm really pleased with how they came out too. Here's a dry fit of the command section.

I'm also really happy about the colour and pseudo panel/pre shade effect.

Work on the base begins.

Added some extra details to the model to accurise it more towards the Thomas Marrone video game model.

The command section is complete. I might touch up some of the grill work at a later time.

The base continues. I added some plastic feet to the corners and then added some rubber feet to the bottom of them. This way, I now have enough room for the batteries and the push switch (which is quite big).

Primered the primary hull. Primarily.

Only a couple of places to sand properly.

And still some of that detail shows through.

The pre-shading.

The pseudo panelling. You can see that I've blended the command section and the neck and am about to do the main ventral hull.

The pseudo panelling on the dorsal hull. I went over this with some of the base coat just to bring it all in a bit.

The emblem used on the base here is very basic given I don't have much time. I had to completely re-do this after my first attempt when I put too much glue everywhere!

It has an on/off push switch which I hit with some Alcladd II chrome. You can also see here the bits of glue under the emblem.

A look under the base. 4AA batteries, some rubber feet and large switch.

Using more of Thomas's graphics, I modified this one to go around the torpedo bay. It was supposed to wrap around the entire command 'bulb', but that would mean going over windows and I didn't want to mess with that!

I'm calling this, "The Moustache"

Now it's time for the bird decal!!! I was so nervous, I grabbed the camera and took a snap while the decal was soaking (is there a term for this?)

So right when I placed the decal on the model, it occurred to me that I don't have enough decal paper left to attempt this again if things go belly up!

The wing tip curled in on itself and there's a bit of damage...

... I'll have to fix it up a bit with some paint.

Overall though, I think it's gone down really well. Maybe half a millimetre off centre.

Here's the brush painted touch up I did to fix the broken decal. Not perfect, but I'm happy. I used a micron pen for the black border.

Had to re-paint the torpedo bay. When I removed the masking, it was as if the Alclad had blistered (only way I can describe). I've re-painted it, but it doesn't look as smooth as before.

Not related to the build, but LOOK! I got a Dremel!

Finito. Here are some night pics first of all. I'll take the daylight ones tomorrow (the last day of the contest!)

Could've done better with the light spread across the command deck.

Slight gap under the shuttle bay door.

The Moustache!!

I used warm white LEDs instead of my usual white.


Daylight pix.